Welcome to my shop! I hope you find something you like. I currently only deliver to the UK and Europe, however if you live somewhere else and still want to purchase something then please don’t hesitate to get in touch


Choose from a selection of 3 hand stitched folk styled poppets, each stuffed with a blend of herbs that correspond with either luck, love or prosperity, whichever you require! You will receive one handmade poppet with a scroll of instructions tucked inside a red velvet pouch, ideal to keep your poppet safe on your travels or hidden under your pillow.

Luck Poppet

The Luck Poppet contains a blend of clover and heather with an energy charged quartz crystal.

9.00 £

Love Poppet

The Love Poppet contains a blend of rose petals, lavender and cloves.

9.00 £

Prosperity Poppet

The Prosperity Poppet contains a blend of cloves, mint and patchouli.

9.00 £


Some of my most interesting items will appear in this section. Keep checking back to see what appears next.

Halloween Protection Ghost

These handmade little ghosts are created using vintage distressed cloth and are filled with seven magical ingredients. There’s cumin, cloves, burdock root and agrimony to repel and banish evil as well as nettle, sage and black salt for protection and cleansing of negativity. These are perfect for protection on Halloween and when you don’t want to attract malevolent spirits during a ghost hunting session.

9.50 £

Spell Jar Necklace

This witchy jar contains 8 different protection ingredients including sage, nettle, agrimony, white willow bark and black salt. The jar is approximately 1.5 inches tall and is suspended from a ribbon necklace. They each have a witchy label that may not correspond with its purpose but is there for aesthetic reasons.

5.50 £


I currently offer a 5 card Tarot reading by email and two types of mystery boxes. For more information about Tarot readings, please refer to my FAQ

Tarot Mystery Box (General Reading)

Everyone enjoys receiving a parcel and you’ll find nothing else like this anywhere! The mystery box always contains a personalised handwritten Tarot reading. The box will also contain lots of other little gifts inside too. These gifts will compliment the reading nicely and could be anything from candles and herbal teas to spell dolls and crystals.

28.00 £

Detailed Tarot Reading

A personalised five card reading is perfect for anyone seeking answers or guidance and is also great for those who would like to learn more about themselves and their life path. Your reading will appear in your email inbox within 48 hours.

15.00 £

Tarot Mystery Box (Love Reading)

If you want your mystery box to have a more loving theme, then this is the box for you. You’ll receive a Tarot love reading along with some complementary goodies to enhance your love reading experience.

28.00 £


All of my dolls are handmade and hand stitched. Each doll is unique and different. When you make a purchase, your doll will arrive in a cute box along with a mini biography. For more information and pictures of my dolls, don’t hesitate to get in touch.


Grace is dressed in her death shroud and is looking for a new place to rest.

30.00 £

Ophelia is a lonely goth girl who hails from the town of Shadowbrook. She has recently decided she wants a change of scenery and is looking for a new home.