I like creating new objects to help protect myself when doing things like ghost hunting and séances. In fact it’s always comforting to have something there for protection no matter what you’re doing. You may know about my cute Halloween Protection ghosts and my poppets so the latest edition is this little protection spell jar.

I attached it to a ribbon necklace so I can keep it on my person at all times. It contains eight different ingredients including the classics like black salt and sage as well as slightly less familiar protection ingredients like white willow bark and burdock root.

I used to think that black candles were used in satanic ceremonies, but I’ve since learned that black candles are often lit for protection. I decided to seal my protection spell jars with black wax for extra protection properties.

I plan on making other little spell jars in the future, maybe ones to attract love or money and ones to aid in divination.

I like to recharge my protection jars in the light of a full moon. This Halloween we shall have a full moon so this has made Halloween extra special this year! 👻😁🦇

If you’d like to purchase a protection Jar necklace then please check out My Shop or make your purchase below 👇😊


Protection Jar Necklace

Each jar is approximately 1.5 inches tall and is attached to a ribbon necklace. They contain protection ingredients including sage and black salt and are sealed with black wax. The label may be different from the one in the picture and is for aesthetic purposes only.

5.50 £

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