Today’s card was drawn from the Moonology Oracle deck

The universe would like you to know that the possibilities are endless, you can do whatever your heart desires because fate is on your side. A new start is coming and it’s time to leave your old life behind. If you’re starting a new job, it will likely turn into a career that will change your life for the better. If you’re starting a new relationship, it may lead to marriage or a long term commitment. No matter what your new start involves, it will likely be life changing.

7 thoughts

      1. Yea, I agree. The interpretations really are nicely balanced. I have a little over 20 decks now, but mostly tarot and a couple lenormand. Oracle cards are hit and miss, but Moonology is one of the better ones. Glad to have slipped upon your blog!

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      2. I have 7 decks but I’d like more haha. I like the artwork on a lot of them, especially lenormand decks. You’re right that oracle decks can be hit and miss, it’s all down to the creator of the deck and you either resonate with what they were going for or you don’t.

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