Face to face readings

Normally when you think about getting a tarot reading, you imagine going into an ominous looking tent and greeting a magical looking woman with bangles and crystals accompanied by the smell of incense. Maybe you don’t stereotype and you imagine going to someone’s house to sit down for a cup of tea and a tarot reading session. The point is, you usually imagine that a tarot reading would be performed face to face.

With the way the world is today, a lot of communication isn’t done face to face. Whether you need customer support, gaming tips or if you want to find love or just chat with your friends, you tend to do it online. I’ve even noticed that a lot of my friends who used to work in offices, now perform their jobs from home. It’s no wonder that tarot card readers and psychics have also started to sell their services online.

Why do readings online?

It’s fantastic selling your services online if you come from a small town like I do. I remember when I first started out, I’d do readings for friends and family, then it progressed to doing private readings for people I didn’t know. Eventually my plan was to do it at fairs. The only problem with this is that the fair doesn’t come to my town anymore, and the only decent fairs seem to happen in the summer. It’d got to the point where I’d already performed tarot readings for all of the open minded people in my town. The people who thought it was new age hippy rubbish had no plans to come and see me.

I decided to look online and I ended up working for a company with lots of other tarot readers and psychics. It was great because the website was easy for people to find and if I logged on, I would get customers almost straight away. I’d usually do instant messenger readings and email readings. My main problem was that instant messaging didn’t feel right. I kept having to rush to type as I fumbled around with my cards. I was annoyed that the client had to pay per minute, and so I was always stressed out about not keeping them waiting long. When it’s face to face, you can just keep chatting as you’re doing things, but it’s difficult to type, shuffle and re-ask the client’s questions to your tarot deck. Something else that bothered me was that a lot of the clients expected me to be psychic. They’d ask things like ‘Are you getting a name for the love of my life?’ and ‘Are you sensing anything about my job interview?’ In fact, quite a few clients just wanted me to be psychic and they didn’t care about having a tarot reading. Although I do believe that I have psychic abilities, they’re more on an intuitive level and so I don’t get names popping into my head. Sometimes a scene will appear in my mind, but it usually conveys an emotion rather than specific facts.

I started finding more and more tarot readers who offered their services on their own websites/online shops/social media and this looked interesting to me. Firstly I could explain exactly what I do without people expecting me to be a psychic or medium. Secondly I could focus on email readings more (which I much prefer) and thirdly I could charge what I wanted. The problem with working for a company was that they’d get a lot more money than I would from me doing a reading. You may think that what I’m trying to say here, is that I wanted more money, but that’s not the case. My problem was that an hour long chat with a client would earn me £14 which is fair enough, but I worked out the client didn’t spend £14, they spent £42! which is just ridiculous! I didn’t like knowing that my clients were spending so much, it felt really wrong.

I decided to set out and do it myself, but I started getting asked the same question over and over ‘Are email readings even accurate?’ I can only answer this using my own experience, but I would say that they definitely are just as good as face to face readings, if not better!

I remember when I first had a tarot reading, I was about 14 years old and I had a Led Zeppelin T-shirt on and had long hippy hair. The tarot reader I saw was not just a tarot reader, he was also ‘psychic’ I could sense that he was cold reading, he came out with things like ‘You’re a creative person who is gifted when it comes to music’ and ‘ you’ll meet your soul mate who will be in a band’ weirdly that did come true, but I knew that he was saying that because that’s what he thought I wanted to hear. When I was 20 I went for a tarot reading at a fair, the reader kept saying ‘I know you don’t believe in this kind of thing but…’ and ‘I know you didn’t really want to have a reading..’ this annoyed me because I was very much into ‘that kind of thing’ and I really did want a tarot reading. He was obviously reading me because at the time I was dressed in a suit and I had short hair. I guess I looked kind of professional and logical. I’m also one of those people who looks very serious, even though I’m not. You may be wondering why I’m mentioning these experiences, well it’s because I’m trying to get across that there are many psychics, tarot readers and mediums who use cold reading to guess what the client is thinking or to guess what they’re about. With an email reading, it simply can’t be done. You’ve got a name and date of birth at the most. There is no opportunity for you to judge a person based on their facial expressions, what they’re wearing, how expensive their clothes are or how they carry themselves.

We’ve established that tarot readings by email are great because the reader can’t judge you based on your appearance and mannerisms, but do they work? can a connection be formed? personally I believe it’s the same as a face to face reading when it comes to forming a connection. I look at it like this; if tarot cards are used to gain insight into any given situation and can guide someone onto the right path, then doesn’t that mean that there is a higher being or energy with a lot of wisdom about the world we’re living in? some people call it a ‘spirit guide’ others say it’s your ‘higher self’ some just think of it as an energy that exists all around us. Whatever you want to call it, we’re talking about something that can guide us and has knowledge about us that even we might not yet know about. With just a connection online and their name, that energy knows who that person is, I don’t have to know the person. That magical force knows about that person, and I have to tap into that to get the reading. This is the reason why even with face to face readings, I didn’t charge by the minute. Sometimes the cards had a lot to tell, and other times there was less. It’s not really down to just me, something else guides my hand to the cards. My job is to interpret the cards in the way that I see fit.

Finally, email readings are great because you can look at them over and over again. A lot of tarot readers record their session, and I’ve got plenty of tapes and CD’s of the tarot readings I’ve had/done. It was annoying if you wanted to listen to a specific bit and you couldn’t find where it was on the recording. Of course these days, a lot of tarot readers do digital recordings that you can replay on your computer or phone, so it is easier to find the bit you want to listen to. My issue with all of this is that I’m not very good at retaining information I hear, I much prefer to read things. I’m a professional musician who often uses her ears more than any other sense, so it is odd that I don’t get on well with auditory learning, but that’s how it is for me and many others. When it comes to researching something, I’ll choose to read about it, rather than watch a video about it. I have a couple of pet rats, so if I go on Google and type ‘How to make your own rat toys’ It’ll come up with lots of different websites and videos, I always go for the websites so I can read how to do it. If I watched a video about it, I’d end up tuning out or forgetting what it said. For the people who are like me, and for those who don’t fancy having a digital recording of their reading taking up space on their phone for their friends and family to find and listen to, an email reading is ideal.

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  1. Thanks for a lovely post MorganTarot. I do tarot readings mostly for my own self help. Occasionally for someone else. I cold read the interpretation for my mother’s reading and she was thrilled with the outcome. Cold reading helps me learn and develop skills and the reading turns out remarkably insightful. Even when I use a tarot app. I’ve tried two different apps. Both work providing divine guidance. My experience has been whether email or apps it’s a modern reality and the divine resides in all things including email and apps.

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  2. Thank you for reading it 🙂 I agree that it can help when you’re practicing. I remember my mum wanting a tarot reading but she refused to tell me what she wanted it to be about, so before I did the reading, I asked my sister to tell me what mum had been upto in the past few weeks so I could get a better picture of what my mum wanted from the reading. It’s kinda cheating to do that I guess haha anyway I agree that the divine does reside in everything, including modern technology x

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